Best Short Film - Extra Credit (Directed by Jacob Hamblin, United States)

Best Feature Film - It's Always Been You! (Directed by Andrew McCardle, United States)

Best Music Video - Weltschmerzdigest — Flat Earth (Directed by Whitehand, Ireland)
Best TV Pilot - All About Sec 377 Pilot (Directed by Amit Khanna, India)
Best Dance Short - 4 (Mariana Palacios, Adrián del Arroyo - Sweden)
Best First-Time Filmmaker Movie - All That Glitters is Bronze (Directed by Jinji Sayson, United States)
Best Amateur Short - Therapy (Directed by Dallas Contreas, United States)
Best Micro Short - D Threat (Directed by João Francisco Cunha, Brazil)
Best Mobile Short - What your eyes see (O que seus olhos veem) (Directed by Maike Cavalcante, Brazil)
Best Comedy Short - 60-WATT (Directed by David Carey, United States)
Best Horror Short - Dr. Hubris (Directed by Chris Shaw, United States)
Best Documentary Short - Stigma (Directed by Jaafar Muraad, Iraq)
Best Experimental Short - Astronaut's Uniform (Directed by Dmitri Frolov, Russian Federation)
Best Romance/Romantic Short - 15 Roses (Directed by Joe Schufreider, United States)
Best Documentary Feature - Monk Arsenije (Directed by Svetlana Cemin, United States)
Best Poster - It's Always Been You! (Directed by Andrew McCardle, United States)

Best Director - Louisa Connolly Burnham, The Track (United Kingdom)
Best Actor - Oswaldo Salas, Holestepper (Sergio Fernández Muñoz, Perù)
Best Actress - Augusta Woods, The Track (Louisa Connolly Burnham, United Kingdom)
Best Cinematography - Stains, Roger Villarroya (Spain)
Best Editing - Extra Credit, Tyler & Jordan Boren (United States)
Best Screenplay - Small Dreams, Mohamad Nemer (Germany)
Best Sound Design - Earth Man, Olga Tugaeva, Yuri Maslak (Russian Federation)
Best Acting Ensemble - Being Brave, Joffre Faria Silva (Canada)


Scootch, Julie Hyde Mew (United Kingdom)

Time and Desire, Luan Jinzhao (China)
The Flight, Chinmoy Banerjee (Canada)
Struggle In America - Unarmed and Black, Brother-Michael Katlow Cox (United States)
Jessica: Part Two, Bilal Hussain (Denmark)
Akkad Bakkad - Ujjwal Pandey (India)